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Hirata Blacksmith

[7/5] 1 Day Private Japanese Blacksmith Experience

Experience Price From JPY¥85,450~ (tax included) *Acceptable up to a group of 2 persons at least 7 days prior to your requested date.

[7/5] 1 Day Private Japanese Blacksmith Experience
[7/5] 1 Day Private Japanese Blacksmith Experience

Time & Location

2023年7月05日 9:30 – 17:30

Hirata Blacksmith , 日本、〒198-0171 東京都青梅市二俣尾4丁目1209

About the Event


・Guided day trip to Western Tokyo

・Learn and watch how to forge a Japanese samurai sword

・Enjoy having lunch with the artisan

・Make your own kitchen knife using the blacksmith’s original Tamahagane.

What You Can Expect

Visit a Japanese Blacksmith & Learn a Part of the Process of Making Japanese Swords

Japanese swords are not only strong as weapons but also beautiful as works of art.

Japanese sword production techniques have been refined and developed over a long history.

"Tamahagane" is the raw material for Japanese swords and the traditional manufacturing method is called "Tatara" which is rare in Japan.

See the method of producing Tatara at Mr. Sukehira's studio.

His wife Ms. Nodoka makes Tatara iron at his studio as the only female Tatara master (called "Murage" in Japanese )in the world.

She produces "Tamahagane" steel in "high yielding, tenacious, and easy quality for the swordsmith to process.

About 170 swordsmiths currently use the same steel distributed in Japan, but Mr Sukehira makes unique Japanese swords, kitchen knives, and knives using the Tamahagane.

In this experience, Mr. Sukehira and Ms. Nodoka will introduce you to a forging studio where Japanese swords are actually made, and he will show you part of the process of making Japanese swords.

Also, you will make "an 18cm chef's knife using the Tamahagane".

***Important Note***

We can offer just one knife per experience (even if you are a group of 2),

please contact us if you would like to make more than one knife at his studio.

The knife will be shipped from his studio after you are back in your country.

What's Included in the Experience


・Entrance fees

・English speaking guide or staff


・Travel insurance

・One bottled water

Exclusions (Optional)

・Hotel pickup and drop off

・Transportation expenses for a round trip

・Transport by chartered vehicle from your hotel or a private taxi from the meeting point


Departure & Return details

Meet at Ome station (JR Ome line) in Tokyo at 9:30am

Concludes at Ome station (JR line) in Tokyo at approximately 5:30pm

*Please contact us your requested date and the detailed schedules from here.


6 hours (approx.)

*8 hours (approx) if you use a private transportation service.


Prices are set for the number of your group.

・85,450yen per person for a group of 2

[Price Breakdown: Workshop 52,682yen + English Speaking Guide or Staff 20,000yen + Handling charge 5,000yen +10% sales tax]

*Please ask about details of the single rate if you wish to join us alone.


【Hotel Pickup by English Speaking Guide】

・2,200yen per person for a group of 2

*Transportation fee is not included.

*The fee for the roundtrip would be approximately 2,000~2,500yen/person from downtown Tokyo.

【Chartered Vehicle from Downtown Tokyo】

"From/To JR Shinjuku station"

・49,500yen per person for a group of 2

"From/To JR Tokyo station"

・45,650yen per person for  a group of 2

*The prices above are based on a round-trip by a Van class as a reference rate.

Prices may vary based on the pickup/drop-off location. Please ask us for the fee for your requested point.

(Chartered Vehicle from your hotel is available. )

【Private Taxi from JR Ome Station】

・3,300yen per person for  a group of 2

Cancellation Policy

・If you cancel at least 14 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.

・If you cancel between 8 and 13 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.

・If you cancel within 7 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Additional info

・Please note that the itinerary and order may change.

・Due to weather conditions or natural disasters, we could cancel the event.

    (When we cancel the event, we will refund all the costs you paid.)

Participation is subject to confirmation of the following

・You must not have been diagnosed with symptoms similar to those of the novel Coronavirus within two weeks of the date of participation.

・No close contact with a person infected with the novel Coronavirus within two weeks of the date of participation.

・Do not have a body temperature of 37.5°C or higher, or cold symptoms, and do not feel ill on the day of participation.

*All participants will be asked to submit the pre-consultation check sheet and to measure body temperature in order to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 at the first check-in.

**Our countermeasures against COVID-19

If you have traveled to or had close contact with an infected person in the past two weeks, or have symptoms similar to those of infection, please refrain from participating in the experience and cooperate in taking your temperature, disinfecting, and filling out your personal information on the day of the experience. 

・Practice good health and hygiene measures such as wearing a mask in crowded areas and washing/sanitizing your hands, even if you are vaccinated.

・Maintain physical distancing.


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