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Festivals & Events


Daruma Doll Market

Akiruno, Ome, Hamura, Mizuho

early January

Daruma is one of the humorous Japanese culture that we paint in the left eye, making our wish, and when the wish is fulfilled, paint in the right  eye. Find your favorite dolls in the markets.


Bean throwing ceremony "Setsubun"

Akiruno, Ome, Mizuho

February 3rd

Scattering soy beans saying "Out with the demon, in with the good fortune." to drive away evil matter and pray for their health. “Ohayasi” (a traditional festival musical) will be played in the festivals.


Ome City

Fireworks Festival


1st Saturday in August

About 4,000 fireworks are set off from the hill with music and  light up trees fantastically. The art festival in the air can be seen from all over the town.


New Year's Bonfire


Akiruno, Hamura, Hinode, Fussa

around January 15th

Burning New Year decorations,  "Hamaya”, ritual arrows, and good luck charms in "Yagura", the tower built with green bamboos, straw and leaves of Japanese ceder to wish for happiness, good health and good harvests in the new year.



Tulip Festival


mid-April ~ late April

This annual festival is held at the tulip fields located along the Tama River and about 400,000 of the bulbs are planted and the colorful tulips bloom.


Okutama Town

Fireworks Festival


2nd Saturday in August

It is a small scale fireworks festival comparing to another festivals in the downtown Tokyo as about only  1000 fireworks is displayed. We can enjoy the lighting-ups from anywhere around Okutama Station without any crowds.


Crossing over a flame



3rd Sunday in January

Crossing over a flame is said to have purification power, exorcising one's own misfortune. People who want to wish for good health can participate in the ascetic practices here.


Ome Taisai

Grand Festival


May 2nd & 3rd

Known as the largest festival in Ome city, it features parades by dashi (山車:ornate floats).
On the second day, all 12 floats gather up and bring out the main street in front of JR Ome Station.
This event has been held since 1872.

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