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Aizome -Traditional Indigo Dyeing-

A Japanese indigo dyeing studio Kosouen has still kept dyeing in an authentic and traditional method. You will dye a handkerchief by soaking and rubbing the cloth repeatedly in a vat filled with indigo liquid. You will take it home as a souvenir.


・Imagine what pattern you would like

​・Fold a handkerchief and tie it with rubber bands or strings to design

​・Soak the fabric repeatedly in a vat filled with indigo liquid

・Wash the dyed handkerchief and it's ready to take it home 

*Check out the website of "Kosoen"


2 hour (approx.) 

Approximate Transportation Expenses

by buses - - - JPY ¥1,000 /person

by taxis - - - JPY ¥5,000 /taxi

by a chartered vehicle - - - JPY ¥7,000 /hr

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