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Traditional Folk House

    -Kobayashi ke -

There’s one old house built in the early 18th century with a thatched roof on a mountain.
A small monorail car takes us to this historical architecture located at an altitude of 750 meters. This vehicle slowly goes up on a steep slope and it’s so exciting.

More about

 There're a charcoal kiln and an "Irori" the traditional fireplace in the floor inside the house. The brilliant pink color of azalea flowers is another attractive point besides the monorail on the steep track.



4 hour (approx.) 

Approximate Transportation Expenses

by buses - - - JPY ¥1,500 /person

by taxis - - - JPY ¥20,000 /taxi

by a chartered vehicle - - - JPY ¥7,000 /hr

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