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Nippara Limestone Cave

This big cave is one of the most famous limestone caves in Japan, and it keeps the temperature at 11℃ inside throughout the year.

Enjoy viewing the illuminated beautiful cave and feeling the mystical atmosphere.

More about

One of Japan's rare large-scale limestone caverns. Formed by the slow steady trickling of droplets of water, the stalagmites in the cavern require 400 years to grow a mere 3 cm. 

 (Source: Okutama World /Okutama Town Sightseeing Section)


3 hour (approx.) 

Approximate Transportation Expenses

by buses - - - JPY ¥1,000 /person

by taxis - - - JPY ¥5,000 /taxi

by a chartered vehicle - - - JPY ¥7,000 /hr

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