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1-Day Historical Road Hiking Tour

Best season: April ~ November

Price per Group

  JPY ¥ 61,500 for 4-6 people

  JPY ¥ 57,900  for 3 people

  JPY ¥ 39,900 for 1-2 people

1. Okutama Historical Road

There are several shrines, scenic spots and statues of douso-shins along this trail. A douso-shin (also referred to as douso-jin) is a deity on roadsides which is believed as a traveler's guardian deity.

You will enjoy hiking and seeing a good old Japan on the 9 km trail, taking about 5 hours to the final destination of the trip, the Lake Okutama. Let's check out some remarkable sites.


2. Discontinued Railway

Railroads of a discontinued line still remain in the middle of the mountain. It feels like the railroad track continues forever. And there are statues of douso-shins standing in line to pray for our safe road trip. More douso-shins are waiting for us.

3. Fudo Fall

You can hear melodies of water and feel a brilliance of great nature in the depths of the mountain. This is one of the most beautiful falls in this area and one of the water sources of the rivers that have created the SATOYAMA culture and the life-style. 

4. Shirahige Shrine & Overhanging Huge Rock

This overhanging huge rock with 20 m diameter and about 5 m height stands as if it covers over the shrine. The top part of the rock shows reverse faults which were created by lime stone from the Cenozoic era being thrust onto pelitic rock from Cretaceous period.

5. Shidakura Suspension Bridge

From the middle of this suspension bridge, beautiful views of the valley can be enjoyed. If you have a fear of heights we would recommend you to stay at the entrance of the bridge. It swings a lot besides the height.

6. Lake Okutama

Lake Okutama was artificially constructed as a reservoir for Tokyo and now providing approximately 20% of the water used in the metropolitan area. The view of the lake varies with seasons. Beautiful sceneries of cherry blossoms in spring, greenery in summer, changing leaves in autumn and covered with snow in a severe winter can be enjoyed. 


  - English-speaking staff or guide

  - Transportation during the tour (Local bus

  - Travel Insurance


 - Lunch (Please bring your own)

Departure Point & Time

  - JR Okutama Station Exit  at 8:30am

    ⇒Check the meeting point on a map

*You can also choose a pickup or private transportation service from your hotel as an option.

  Please ask us for the additional fee if your group needs the service.

Return Point & Time

  - JR Okutama Station at 4:30pm(approx.)

Cancellation Policy

  - If you cancel at least 14 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.

  - If you cancel between 8 and 13 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure,

    there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.

  - If you cancel within 7 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Important Information

  - If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know when you book.

  - Please note that the tour itinerary and order may change.

  - Due to weather conditions, natural disasters or any other special conditions, we could cancel tours.

    When we cancel the tour, we will refund all the tour cost you paid.

Participation is subject to confirmation of the following

 - You must not have been diagnosed with symptoms similar to those of the novel Coronavirus within two weeks of the date of participation

 - No close contact with a person infected with the novel Coronavirus within two weeks of the date of participation

 - Do not have a body temperature of 37.5°C or higher, or cold symptoms, and do not feel ill on the day of participation



[Our countermeasures against COVID-19]

If you have traveled to or had close contact with an infected person in the past two weeks, or have symptoms similar to those of infection, please refrain from participating in the experience and cooperate in taking your temperature, disinfecting, and filling out your personal information on the day of the experience.  

 - Practice good health and hygiene measures such as wearing a mask in crowded areas and washing/sanitizing your hands, even if you are vaccinated.

 - Maintain physical distancing.

Price (/person)

  - JPY ¥ 61,500 (4-6 travelers)

  - JPY ¥ 57,900 (3 travelers)

  - JPY ¥ 39,900 (1-2 travelers)

Tour Code :JSG005-4


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