Tour Packages

You can customize your trip in a rural area of Tokyo. Please check out popular itineraries below and try anything you want to do in Japan.
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All tours below have been cancelled due to COVID-19 that continues to spread throughout the world.
Okutama Mukashimichi_17.JPG

5 hours moderate hiking to the final destination, Lake Okutama. The discontinued railway, shrines and the suspension bridge is remarkable things to see.


1-day Historical Road Hiking



Visit a mountain temple for viewing the beautiful cherry blossoms before going to  traditional folk house and foot-bathing.


1-day Cherry Blossoms &

Foot Bathing Tour

Akiruno, Hinohara

Visit the historic house built in the early 18th century with a thatched roof on a mountain by a small monorail and go viewing hydrangea.


1-day Viewing Hydrangea &

Visiting Hidden Folk House

Akiruno, Hinohara

Discover the local culture of Japan.  Enjoy having a ninja class, a washi paper making and a sake brewery tour.


1-day Washi Making &

Ninja, Tea Ceremony Tour

Hinode, Fussa

Have experience real country life on a mountain in Tokyo. We will get on local buses for the transportation and stay at a guesthouse.


2-day Country Life &

Local Bus Trip in Tokyo

Akiruno, Hinohara

Explore the river side, country side, mountain side of Tokyo by electric bikes.


3-day Electric Bike Tour

Akiruno, Fussa, Okutama, Ome, Hinode, Hinohara 
Mitake Shrine02.JPG

Go up mount Mitake by a cable car and take a short walk to the shrine on the top of the mountain.


1-day Mt.Mitake Hiking &

Sake Brewery Tour


Experience indigo dyeing in an authentic and traditional method. We will visit a historic temple, a gallery restaurant and sake brewery.


1-day Indigo Dyeing &

Sake Brewery Tour


Visit the historic house built in the early 18th century with a thatched roof on a mountain by a small monorail.


1-day Traditional Folk House

Foot Bathing Tour

Akiruno, Hinohara

We can enjoy viewing hydrangea flowers in the afternoon and fireflies lighting at night. A wonderful Japanese course dinner is included.


1-day Viewing Hydrangea &

Fireflies Tour


Enjoy floating down the river on a rubber boat and hiking at sacred mountain Mitake.


2-day Mt. Mitake Hiking &

River Rafting Tour

cycling_02 (photoAC).jpg

River runs through this area and it's a sources of environmental sustainability around here. Enjoy cycling along a country road.


1-day Cycling, Foot Bathing

Sake Brewery Tour

Akiruno, Fussa

Enjoy cycling the mountain side of Tokyo and experience mushroom picking, wagashi confectionery 

making and a matcha tea ceremony.


1-day Mushroom Picking &

Cultural Cycling Tour


Visit a traditional folk house on a mountain, soy sauce brewery and  a sake brewery besides a Zazen Meditation experience.


1-day Zazen Meditation &

Soy Sauce Brewery Tour

Akiruno, Hinohara
Kuro hachijo_13.JPG

It is called Kuro-hachijo which is a silk textile dyed with iron-rich mud and seeds of yashabushi (species of alder trees). This woven silk product was popular from the late Edo Period through the Meiji Period .


1-day Viewing Hydrangea &

Mud Dyeing Workshop Tour


Discover the local culture of Japan.  Enjoy having indigo dyeing, foot-bathing, sake brewery tour and more.


2-day Cherry Blossoms &

Traditional Culture

Akiruno, Ome, Hinohara