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 - Japanese Traditional Paper - 

“Washi” is Japanese traditional paper that is designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Washi paper is tough, long-lasting and it feels really nice.
In this workshop surrounded by nature, we can learn how to make washi papers from scratch and make handmade craft works.


・Visit the workshop surrounded by nature

​・Go to the field where Kouzo paper mullberry trees, a material of washi paper, grow

​・Pump up water from a well for paper making

・Make the Washi raw material from scratch

​・Make a craft work by using your own Washi paper 


2 hour (approx.) 

Approximate Transportation Expenses

by buses - - - JPY ¥1,000 /person

by taxis - - - JPY ¥5,000 /taxi

by a chartered vehicle - - - JPY ¥7,000 /hr

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