Historical sites & Heritages

Folk House Kobayashi


There’s one old house built in the early 18th century with a thatched roof on a mountain. A small monorail car takes us to this historical architecture located at an altitude of 750 meters. 

Musashi Mitake Shrine


Board a cable car and climb up 424m in elevation to Mt. Mitake. This shrine is located on the peak of the mountain and said to be founded over 2,000 years ago.

12m tall statue of Buddha


The second tallest Great Buddha in Japan, following the Great Buddha of Nara, has been unveiled at the Houkouji Temple in 2018. Even Japanese people rarely see the huge brand-new bronze statue. 

Shiofune-kan'nonji Temple


There're historical buildings designated as cultural properties, huge Japanese cedar tree designated as a natural monument and the 15 meter tall standing statue of Kannon Bodhisattva.

Koutokuji Temple


This historic temple, founded in 1373, is standing in a quiet area with a thatch roofed entrance gate covered with moss.

Anrakuji Temple


There are a unique stone lantern, a thatched-roofed gate and huge cedar tree with a height of about 37 m and 6.5 m circumference.