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Hiroshi Mori

Owner of Small Silk Mill in Akiruno-city, Tokyo

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Kurohachijo is a type of woven silk product that used to be popular in the Itsukaichi area where Mr. Mori was born and raised from the late Edo Period through the Meiji Period, so Kurohachijo is also called “ITSUKAICHI”.
The materials need to be dyed with iron-rich mud and seeds of YASHABUSHI (species of alder tree) before weaving.
It varies in color from light to dark brown that looks almost black. The color made depends on how many times silk is dyed with mud.
These products were well-known across Japan in the old days, but their popularity has decreased over time because of their time-consuming process and productivity.
He is now the only person having the dying technique and is titled one of 5 artisans in the area.

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