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Landscape & Nature


Sharing Wasabi


Your host, David, will guide you on the 20-minute walk to the site, explaining local flora and fauna along the way. Then he will explain the structure of a wasabi patch, and you will meet the wasabi plant itself and be treated to the rare experience of newly harvested, fresh-ground wasabi (usually with sliced beef).


Hossawa Waterfalls


This waterfall is one of the major spots in Hinohara Village and has been known as one of "the Japan's 100 Best Waterfalls". Enjoy seasonal scenery like ・・・

Okutama Mukashimichi_17.JPG

Okutama Historical Road


5 hours moderate hiking to the final destination, Lake Okutama. The discontinued railway, shrines and the suspension bridge is remarkable things to see.


Hatonosu Gorge


Beneath an approximately 40m long cliff, the Tama river runs amidst the huge crags and rocks of Okutama's gorgeous ravine. Enjoy fishing, camping, fun of the water, walks and more!   (Source: Okutama World /Okutama Town Sightseeing Section)


Mt. Mitake


First thing we have to do is boarding a cable car and climbing up 424m in elevation to Mt. Mitake. Walk through a shopping arcade and visit an ancient shrine on the peak.


Nippara Limestone Cave


Enjoy viewing the illuminated beautiful cave and feeling the mystical atmosphere.

Lake Okutama_03.jpg

Lake Okutama


Located deep in the Chichibu Tama National Park, the closest national park to Tokyo.(Source: TOKYO The Official Tokyo Travel Guide) 

Forest Therapy_01.JPG

Forest Therapy Roads

Okutama, Hinohara

Walking in verdant forest heals the soul and promotes the health. Okutama is one of the area which have the largest collection of giant trees in Japan. Enjoy guided walk of one of the “Therapy Road” and forest tea-time with an original herbal tea.

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